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Choosing A Garden Cart For Alpaca Care

Garden carts are the most popular devices for transporting small loads, not only in garden and garden work, but also in construction. Such carts are popular due to their excellent maneuverability, considerable carrying capacity and, of course, ease of use. Garden wheelbarrows are widely used for transportation of small small construction and garden cargo. Wheelbarrow in its essence is an indispensable tool on any construction site and in garden lands. The right cart will be a great help in any garden and on the construction site. Before you buy a tool such as a construction cart, first of all, you need to accurately determine the tasks that you will set for it. Always remember that the right tool is the key to quality work results. In this article, we will consider the main criteria by which these devices should be selected.

Number of wheels

The first thing you need to pay attention to when choosing a garden-building cart is the number of wheels. It would seem, what grandiose differences can be in them? In fact, they are. The vast majority of garden carts are single- and two-wheeled. Their main difference is in the method of application and ease of use. Let’s start with two wheels. They are, by definition, more stable and it is much easier to deal with people who do not have much experience driving a cart. However, due to the wheelbase, such vehicles are significantly inferior in maneuverability to one-wheeled carts (to understand the principle of driving, you can draw an analogy with carts and motorcycles). Actually, the two-wheeled carts are overwhelmingly purchased for transporting heavier loads. In addition, if you work in the garden or on the construction site alone – your choice should also fall on two-wheeled hand trucks. One-wheel carts are good for their maneuverability. They are usually purchased for the transport of goods in areas with limited free space or cross country. A one-wheeled cart will go through sharp turns much faster and maneuver along narrow paths. However, it should be remembered that a one-wheeled cart will not be so stable, due to which a person has more load. That is why one-wheeled carts do not get to transport large loads – it is inconvenient and tiring.

Lifting capacity

First of all, the overall dimensions of the cart depend on these indicators. Remember that the greater the carrying capacity of the cart, the “wider in the shoulders” it will be. That is why if you purchase a wheelbarrow for work in a limited space (for example, in a house), be sure to correlate the width of the doors and gates with the width of the wheelbarrow, otherwise it may be useless on the site. Wheelbarrows for carrying capacity have an approximate range from 100 to 200 kg. The capacity of the car is determined by the depth of the tray and can vary from 60 to 150 liters. However, before buying, it is advisable to determine exactly what goods you are going to transport with it and buy a wheelbarrow with a small margin. In addition, always pay attention to the total weight of the cart. If your vehicle weighs more than 30 kg without taking into account the load, it will not be so easy to drive, so think twice before buying such a construction (garden) cart.

Design features

Of course, before buying, you need to evaluate the overall design of your chosen cart. Good carts usually have a lightweight galvanized tray, mounted on a solid frame made of a one-piece pipe. Be sure to pay attention to the wheels mounted on the wheelbarrow. The wheel for a garden wheelbarrow should be made of durable rubber and have a small tread. Some manufacturers produce carts on non-inflatable wheels – you should immediately understand that such vehicles will simply be driven only when unloaded. As soon as you load them, both maneuverability and ease of movement will disappear. That is why it is strongly recommended to purchase carts only on inflatable wheels.

When choosing, also pay attention to the handles of the wheelbarrow. They must be made of rubber or soft plastic. Such handles will simply hold the cart, and maneuver it.

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