Best Access Doors for Drywall

Very often different hatches have to be inserted in the ceiling and the walls lined with drywall. Given such a problem, I have examined it thoroughly and will now explain what hatches are and how to install an inspection hatch in a drywall in three different ways.

With the right selection and installation, the ceiling hatch is almost invisible.

Best Access Doors for Drywall

Such constructions are mounted for easy access to communication. As a rule, it is electrical, plumbing or ventilation. There are 3 types of hatches at the installation site:

  • ceiling
  • Wall;
  • Down to earth.

In this case, we are only interested in the first two.

Two methods are used for the installation of communication in apartments and private houses: open and closed. With the open method, all pipes and devices are visible, while with the closed method, they are covered by walls, partitions or boxes.

Installation hatches for the bathroom and toilet are used to provide access to the devices: the dimensions of the devices normally depend on the dimensions of the hidden pipelines and the number of devices maintained.

A characteristic feature of modern bathrooms and toilets is a well thought-out design, which brings the aesthetic side of the finish to the fore. The technical devices that enable the convenient use of water processes or the convenient use of the toilet are hidden behind thin structures made of plastic or drywall.

Permanent pipe maintenance is not required, but shut-off valves must be used at regular intervals. For example, to cut off the water supply to the kitchen in connection with the replacement of the mixer, you need to turn off a certain tap.

If the bathroom is completely covered with plastic or tiles, additional hatches are required. Assume that one of the nodes to which constant access is required is the installation location of the hydro-lock for the bathroom. If the protective shield is made deaf, it must be dismantled every time there is a blockage in the pipe or a leak occurs at the connection point of the siphon parts.

We can conclude that all components and devices that need to be checked regularly should be freely available. And with complete tiling of rooms with plastic or plastic, this can only be achieved with the help of technical hatches.

What you need to grant access

In order to facilitate repair work, the pipeline that supplies the apartment or house with water is divided into sections that are suitable for maintenance. If necessary, each section is cut off with a valve or ball valve mounted on the pipe. If this is possible, most valves are installed in one place.

If all the important locking, regulating, and water folding devices are masked behind a false wall, but concentrated in one place, it is much easier to build a hatch to gain access to them. The door is large, but this does not affect the appearance of the partit

Types of sanitary hatches

There are many reasons to equip bathrooms with inspection hatches, but there are more types of these hatches. There are factory-made models, overall and solid, made of stainless steel or plastic.

They are in contrast to homemade panels made from improvised building materials and connecting elements bought in the shop.