• Pallet Truck

    How to Choose Pallet Truck for Alpacas Farm

    The hydraulic forklift truck received its alternative name from the Finnish company of the same name Rocla.  The rokla cart is characterized by the simplicity of design, the operation of the device does not require professional skills. Another advantage of the device is the ability to move loads manually. The exception is electric Pallet Truck, operating from a battery-powered engine. The remaining hydraulic bogies are driven without electrical sources of energy and fuel. Enough operator effort. Design and principle of operation The fork structure of the pallet truck functional unit is oriented mainly under the movement of pallets with goods fixed with a film. Structurally, a hand pallet truck consists…

  • access

    Best Access Doors for Drywall

    Very often different hatches have to be inserted in the ceiling and the walls lined with drywall. Given such a problem, I have examined it thoroughly and will now explain what hatches are and how to install an inspection hatch in a drywall in three different ways. With the right selection and installation, the ceiling hatch is almost invisible. Best Access Doors for Drywall Such constructions are mounted for easy access to communication. As a rule, it is electrical, plumbing or ventilation. There are 3 types of hatches at the installation site: ceiling Wall; Down to earth. In this case, we are only interested in the first two. Two methods…

  • Garden Cart

    Choosing A Garden Cart For Alpaca Care

    Garden carts are the most popular devices for transporting small loads, not only in garden and garden work, but also in construction. Such carts are popular due to their excellent maneuverability, considerable carrying capacity and, of course, ease of use. Garden wheelbarrows are widely used for transportation of small small construction and garden cargo. Wheelbarrow in its essence is an indispensable tool on any construction site and in garden lands. The right cart will be a great help in any garden and on the construction site. Before you buy a tool such as a construction cart, first of all, you need to accurately determine the tasks that you will set…

  • sheep

    Pennage for Sheep: Features of Construction and Arrangement

    A sheep enclosure is a must for any sheep farm. The flock of sheep must be deployed so that the sheep do not feel any inconvenience. Despite the fact that the sheep are generally unpretentious to the conditions, they need feeding at the right time, stable access to water, and protection from adverse atmospheric phenomena. In this regard, it is necessary to carefully equip the space for keeping the flocks. From the article you will learn what methods of placing sheep are available, how to properly organize the space for placing the herd, and what features can occur during construction.

  • alpaca

    Alpaca Lifestyle

    Alpaca is a domesticated species of lamas, humpbacked camel family members. Due to its extremely thick coat, it is perfectly adapted to life at high altitude. DIMENSIONS Height at the withers: 94-104 cm. Weight 55-65 kg. Propagation Puberty: usually from 2 years. Mating season: all year. Pregnancy: 11 months. Number of cubs: 1. LIFESTYLE Habits: herd animals; active during the day. Food: herbs and perennials. Life expectancy: grow up to the age of seven, in nature can live up to 25 years. Related TYPES. Other representatives of the American callopods are guanaco (Lama guanicoe), domestic llama (Lama guanicoe f.glama) and vicuna (Vicugna vicugna). animal alpaca Alpaca is usually bred only…

  • sheep

    Types of Feed, Diet and Feeding Standards for Sheep at Home

    The basis for normal weight gain and an increase in livestock in the flock is the proper feeding of the sheep. The nutrition of animals must be balanced; the choice of its regimen depends on many factors. It is taken into account that sheep eat depending on the season, age category and purpose of their cultivation. The diet of sheep consists almost entirely of plant foods, as these are herbivores. A large part of the flock spends on grazing and feeds on pasture, during this period the animals practically do not need additional feed additives.